Beginner friendly mods for Minecraft

Fri Feb 3. 2023

Beginner friendly mods for Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world, massively multiplayer game that allows players to interact with a variety of magical and natural creatures. The game's early days were dominated by mobs to improve the experience.

Some are friendly and some not so. Mobs are useful and dangerous to new players as they become more familiar with the game. For beginners, survival is the most important thing. Knowing which mobs is essential to progress in the game will help you.

Top 5 Minecraft mobs to start with

Although there are many mob types in minecraft you will only find a handful that are helpful in the beginning. These are the most important mobs you can interact with in Minecraft, based on their advantages.

5) Wandering traders and villagers

The Wandering Traders mobs of villager and wandering traders are the closest to the player in terms of biology and behaviour. These mobs are useful when the player has a useless item. They can trade it for emeralds or emeralds in order to get an item of their choice.

4) Horse, Donkey, and Mule

Donkeys, horses and mules are passive mobs that can be found mostly on plains. They can speed up a player's movement on the ground and can be controlled by wheat or by sitting on them. Wooden chests can be attached so that donkeys and mules have more space for items.

3) Wolves and Cats

These cute looking cats and wolves can be kept as pets. You can tame wolves with bones and cats with fresh fish. Both are excellent companions for new players. They are also great at protecting players from hostile mobs. Any type of mob that you attack first can be attacked by dogs. Creepers are afraid of cats, so they won't approach them or explode.

2) Sheep

Passive mobs of sheep spawn randomly in all warm biomes. Because of their wooly bodies, they are essential for beginners. You can use wool to make beds. This will save you from the dangers that night brings. They can also be used to make meat.

1) Cows and Pigs

These mobs may not be the most attractive to look at and can even appear useless at first. They are essential early in the game, however. For beginners, it is very difficult to survive without them. They act as the main source for food for players. Consuming their meat increases the number of hunger bars.