Best 1v1 servers in Minecraft

Tue Jan 31. 2023

Best 1v1 servers in Minecraft

Minecraft PvP is a major aspect of the game. Some of the most popular gamemodes, such as Minecraft Bedwars, are PvP-based.

Playing on a server with duels is one of the best ways to improve your skills in Minecraft PvP. These servers allow players to battle in a PvP battle, where their skills can be tested to the maximum.

If you are looking for a great Minecraft server to play on, then look no further. This guide will highlight five of best Minecraft server with duels. Each has no lags, good anti-cheat and duel maps.

Top 5 Minecraft Servers to Play PvP

1) Purple PvP

Server IP Address:

Purple is one the most popular PvP servers, with thousands of players during peak hours.

This server allows players to practice their PvP skills by playing in one of the many practice duel modes. Once they are ready, they can compete in the competitive dual gamemodes.

2) Minemen Club

Server IP Address:

This server is another popular choice for PvP dueling. It is especially well-known for its anti-cheating system, AntiGamingChair or AGC.

AGC is the best Minecraft anti-cheat and will provide a smooth experience for all legitimate players. It will also stop any cheaters in their tracks.

3) Hypixel Duels

Server IP Address:

Hypixel has an amazing 100,000 players on weekends peak hours. It is undoubtedly the most popular Minecraft server.

Although duels may not be the most popular gamemode on the server, Hypixel's duels mode is still of high quality and offers many different modes. UHC, which is a close-knit group of players, is the most popular Hypixel duel mode.

4) Lunar Network

Server IP Address:

The Lunar Network Minecraft server, which is well-known for its PvP client Lunar Client and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take part in 1v1 duels.

The best thing about duels on Lunar Network are the many different types of duel that are available.

5) is the server IP address

Ghostly, a relatively new PvP server, has seen remarkable popularity recently due to its simple focus on serving as a non-nonsense Minecraft PvP environment.

Duels are a popular activity on this dedicated server for PvP. This server has a high skill level, so some of the best Minecraft PvPers are known to frequent it.