How to start getting achievements in Minecraft bedrock

Sun Jan 29. 2023

How to start getting achievements in Minecraft bedrock

Minecraft, like many other games loves to guide its players through their in-game experience. The Java Edition of Minecraft uses “advancements”, but a similar system is used for Bedrock Edition. This system is known as the “achievement system”. The achievement system guides new Minecraft players through the basics and rewards them for completing tasks that help to improve their game play.

There is a natural way to acquire most achievements. However, some achievements require that certain conditions be met before the achievement can be awarded. Minecraft Bedrock now has 118 achievements. This is significantly more than the Java version.

Minecraft Bedrock achievements vary in difficulty, and can be classified. You don't need to do much work and some achievements are easy to obtain. The “Getting Wood” achievement is one example. It requires players to use their fists to cut wood when they spawn.

There are also achievements such as “The End… Again …”, which requires the player to kill the Ender Dragon and then respawn it. These are both difficult tasks.

Note: The author's opinion is the only one that this article represents. The article does not give specific instructions, but is focused on achieving general achievements.

Achievements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

As soon as players spawn in Minecraft's vast world, they can begin earning achievements. To earn achievements, players must complete specific tasks. This allows them to move on in their Minecraft journey. Each achievement can only be earned once in any Minecraft World.

To achieve any achievement, you need a new survival world. It is essential that cheats are disabled in the world. Achievements will be permanently disabled if the world is in creative mode or if there are no game saves. Even if players switch to survival mode with commands, they will not be able to turn achievements on.

These steps are taken in order to provide a vanilla Minecraft experience. This is true for all achievements and trophies on any platform.

Microsoft and PlayStation account accounts allow you to track your achievements

The player's Microsoft Account is another factor to be considered. The Microsoft account is used to track achievements on all platforms, except the Playstation 4 version. If the player isn't logged in to their Microsoft account, achievements can't be earned. It is worth noting that the game can still been played.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game has trophies that can be earned when the player connects to the PlayStation Network. If the Network is not connected, the trophies will be saved as local saves and will automatically sync when the player connects.