How to xray in Minecraft without cheating

Mon Jan 16. 2023

How to xray in Minecraft without cheating

If you are a Minecraft player and want to find structures or End portal rooms, it can be exhausting to go underground. However, there are ways to speed things up with X-ray glitches.

There are many X-ray vision mods online that can be used in certain situations. However, players can also glitch Minecraft's engine in vanilla Minecraft to see through floors and walls.

There are many ways to glitch Minecraft, and get partial X-ray vision across the game's various platforms like Java Edition or Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft: Different Xray Vision Methods

Minecraft works in a way that blocks are made transparent to the player. The camera can clip through transparent blocks to give a view of the environment when the player is looking at their character model.

A player who is suffering from suffocation will have their vision blocked. The block they are inside is opaque to the camera. Keeping this in mind, you can maneuver your character and the camera to see through transparent blocks.

This X-ray vision can be achieved in Minecraft by using the third-person camera inside a tunnel that is 2-blocks high and 1-block wide.

These tunnels are used for mining by many players. However, by changing to third-person and moving the camera beyond the tunnel's boundaries, players can view caves, structures, and other objects within the tunnel. This view is however limited.

There are many options beyond the third-person method of camera, some of which can be found below.

Minecraft: Java Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you don't feel up to installing new add-ons or mods, X-ray vision can be incredibly useful. You may be amazed at how much you discover the next time that you play.