Minecraft Mod Makes Minecraft a Doctor Who Episode

Mon Dec 26. 2022

Minecraft Mod Makes Minecraft a Doctor Who Episode

Mods for Minecraft are constantly improving, but it can be difficult to keep track. New ones, like the Mi Alliance, are being constantly released. Reddit is a great place to share interesting things. That's how we discovered about Immersive Portals mod. Now we're sharing that discovery with you.

Ninjadud uploaded a Reddit video showing their “Cursed House,” which is a tiny cubicle on the exterior with a large manor inside. It's a very impressive clip. You can also see a YouTube video that shows the entire experience. The Immersive Portals mod is the trick to all of this.

Immersive Portals was released in 2019 but has been updated regularly since. Fabric API is used to create the mod, which adds some cool features. One of the most prominent features is the ability to see through portals. This makes everything feel much more connected. You can make your portals horizontal or different shapes.

Mirrors can be used to create two-way portals in overworld. You can even wrap the world with special portals that allow for infinite repeating of space for mind-warping effects. It all depends on how you use it. However, you can find all the possible uses on the mod's wiki.