Uses for copper in Minecraft

Sun Nov 20. 2022

Uses for copper in Minecraft

Copper, one of the newest additions to Minecraft's Overworld ores, isn't as useful as its more well-known counterparts. It still offers some craftable items and decorative options.

Copper can be found underground in veins similar to other ores. It is notable for its mixed tan-green color which makes it stand out to the eye.

Copper ore can be mined to produce raw copper. This copper can then be melted into copper ingots which will increase crafting possibilities. Copper ingots are used for the following purposes:

This corresponds to how many ores were modified in Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs Update.

Block of Copper

Copper blocks can be used as decoration or building blocks. They are made with nine copper ingots. Copper blocks can oxidize if left in the open air, such as Minecraft.

You can fix this by using the honeycomb item from bee nests and hives to wax the block.

Lightning Rod

Minecraft players can create a lightning rod by opening their crafting grid, placing three copper ingots vertically on top of each other in the middle column. Lightning strikes are attracted to nearby blocks by the lightning rod.

Although it might not be obvious, harnessing lightning can be used to create redstone machinery. It also protects flammable blocks against being set on fire by lightning strikes. Multiple lightning strikes can be used to decorate a location.


In Minecraft, spyglasses can be made in a similar way to a lightning rod. Players will need to place an Amethyst Shard on top of the grid instead of a copper Ingot. The spyglass can be used to limit the field of vision and increase the zoom.

While it won't reveal anything too far away, the spyglass zooms in to clarify any information that the player is able to see.